Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance at ORIX

ORIX Corporation Europe N.V. recognizes that a change in how business is being done today is needed. OCE strives to lead towards a change by investing in sustainable business models that also generate good profits.

Corporate Social Responsibility

ORIX believes that a robust corporate governance system is essential for ensuring objective management and carrying out appropriate business activities in line with its core policies. We have therefore established a sound and transparent corporate governance system.

Risk Management

The operating companies of OCE operate in different markets and asset management areas. Therefore, they have their own risk management policies and frameworks in place that comply with local regulations, client demand and sound risk management practices.

As a shareholder with oversight responsibility, OCE monitors whether the operating subsidiaries have a sound risk management framework in place and whether they follow OCE’s guidelines.

Our companies governance


Robeco has developed a comprehensive risk control framework (“RCF”) which enables the company to maintain integrated control of its operations and helps ensure compliance with laws and regulations. The RCF consists of several components that form a seamless process in which all significant risks (e.g. strategic, operational and financial) are identified, assessed, controlled and monitored through internal controls and several committees ( e.g. Audit & Risk Committee of the supervisory board and the Enterprise Risk Management Committee of the Executive Committee).

Boston Partners

Boston Partners established its Risk Management Committee (“RMC”) to oversee the risks affecting the firm, including compliance, regulatory, operational, balance sheet, system, portfolio, and company risk. In addition, the RMC monitors investment products for consistency and compliance with stated investment style, strategy and guidelines. The RMC is also responsible for approving limit and control structures for all products. The RMC meets twice a year.

Harbor Capital Advisors INC.

Harbor considers risk management to be a fundamental component to managing the business and has a Risk committee that includes all departments heads as committee members and other standing invitees. Harbor took significant steps in 2020 to enhance the efficacy of its overall risk management program in light of Harbor Capital’s new business activities and strategic turnaround efforts. Harbor’s Risk Committee is responsible for overseeing all firm-wide risk and monitors risks in various ways, including through its firm-wide matrix, internal audit function and comprehensive operational incidents log.


As part of its risk management framework, Transtrend’s Risk Management department monitors various types of risks on an ongoing basis and periodically reports to the Risk Management Committee, the managing directors, the supervisory board, the shareholders, and the board of directors of the funds for which Transtrend acts as the AIFM. Transtrend carries out a risk analysis on an annual basis while they identify risks, their potential impact and measures to mitigate these risks. The analysis is performed on the basis of a series of interviews with the board group of Transtrend employees and serves as input for the annual internal capital adequacy assessment process (ICAAP).