We invest in the better.

ORIX Corporation Europe's mission is to create a better future for society by generating sustainable profit.

Our ideals

Our sustainability goals

A core focus of ORIX EES business is to invest across a broad range of renewable energy sectors, including onshore and offshore wind, solar, geothermaI, biomass and other renewable energy generation activities, as well as innovative energy conservation, storage and services applications. In that way we do not only fulfill our part in the fight against climate change, but also help to lead it by building bridges between investing and sustainability.

Provide new ecological services that contribute environmental and energy solutions.

Understand the impact of business activities on the environment, complying with environmental laws and regulations in order to reduce environmental impact.

Raise employee awareness and knowledge in order to respond to environmental issues based on the nature of our business.

Provide and disclose information on matters required by environmental laws and regulations

Boston Partners

  • Sustainable investing that contributes to the SDG’s of the UN.
  • Quarterly review of carbon footprint of each product which is presented to portfolio managers. (Overview) 

Boston Partners is a signatory to the United Nations Principle for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and has a sustainable investing team that provide original research on ESG considerations to the fundamental analysts to consider in their investment decisions. The sustainable investing team is also responsible, along with the Governance Committee, for implementing the company’s proxy votes for engaging with issuers where the team’s original research shows areas for improvement and where Boston Partners has voted against management in the proxy process.


  • Liquidates major developments that drive society, such as the transition towards a more sustainable society. 

Transtrend aims to be a responsible investor, committed to fulfilling the responsibilities that come with the investment process it manages and the instruments it trades. Transtrend’s focus is on contributing to well-functioning, well-organized and reliable markets – an important social responsibility an an integral part of its investment philosophy  and process. All major developments that drive society, such as the transition towards a more sustainable society, require large fundamental changes. Such changes form a major source of market price risk. Transtrend strives to actively participate in these major developments by bearing (part of) the associated risk and offering the necessary liquidity. As part of Transtrend’s commitment to responsible investing, Transtrend is a signatory to the UNPRI and the Standards Board for Alternative Investments (SBAI).


  • Sustainable investment approach that contributes to the SDG’s of the UN and creates socioeconomic benefits next to competitive financial returns.
  • Awarded with an A+ for all PRI modules of sustainable investing. 
  • ESG integration applied to EUR 160.3 billion of Robeco’s AuM in 2020.

Robeco believes that integrated sustainability leads to better-informed investment decisions and enhanced risk-adjusted returns. As part of its sustainable investing approach, Robeco aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and is convinced of its ability to create socioeconomic benefits in addition to competitive financial returns. Robeco has also implemented an “Exclusion Policy” for companies involved in the production of, or trade in, controversial weapons such as cluster munition and anti-personnel mines, along with tobacco, controversial behavior in relation to the production of palm oil and companies that structurally and severely breach the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and/or the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. In 2020, Robeco extended its exclusions to fossil fuels.

All Robeco’s investment activities comply with the UNPRI. In 2020, Robeco was awarded with the highest possible score (A+) for all PRI modules of sustainable investing. Robeco obtained the highest score for the majority of the modules assessed by PRI for the seventh year in a row.


We recognise how business is done today

We recognise the change that is needed for today's business world and therefore established a sound and transparent corporate governance system.