Asset Management

Being a strategic business hub in Europe and the center of asset management expertise for ORIX Group, ORIX Corporation Europe N.V. (OCE) is determining the strategies for the group assets, which are mainly located in the Netherlands, but also across the US and in the UK. 
Asset management is carried out by the operating companies, whereas OCE oversees the management of the operating companies under holding structure.

Image: Robeco


Robeco is an international asset manager offering an extensive range of active investments, from equities to bonds. Research lies at the heart of everything Robeco does, with a ‘pioneering but cautious’ approach that has been in its DNA since Robeco’s foundation in Rotterdam in 1929. Robeco believes strongly in sustainability investing, quantitative techniques and constant innovation. Robeco actively applies the sustainability data gathered by sustainability investing specialist RobecoSAM. For value equity investing propositions, Robeco teams up with the experts in this field at Boston Partners.
Image: Harbor Capital

Harbor Capital

Harbor uses a "manager of managers" approach to investing. Instead of hiring a large team of employees to analyze markets, research investments and build portfolios across many different asset classes, Harbor identifies experienced portfolio managers (subadvisers), with proven track records, who specialize in a particular asset class to make all of the day-to-day investment decisions for its funds. Harbor Capital Advisor establishes the objectives and strategies for each fund and closely monitors and evaluates the performance of each fund and its portfolio manager (the subadvisor).
Image: Boston Partners

Boston Partners

Boston Partners is a premier provider of value equity investment products that are firmly rooted in fundamental research and are based on a disciplined investment philosophy and process. Boston Partners, which currently manages $ 91billion (December2018), is focused on investing in companies with attractive value characteristics and strong business fundamentals, where there is a catalyst for positive change. Boston Partners acts as subadvisor of other mutual funds (e.g. John Hancock) for more than 50% of its asset under management. More than 80% of the total assets under management relates to US equity funds.
Image: Transtrend


Transtrend is an asset manager purely focused on systematic trading strategies. Transtrend's trading approach is based on quantitative analysis of price behavior in a large variety of markets. The underlying trading strategies have no directional bias. Depending on the signals that a regenerated by the trading strategies, they can go long or short in their attempt to benefit from medium term trends in outright markets as well as in combinations of markets.
Risk management is at the heart of Transtrend's methodology. Distinctive data management and an advanced technical infrastructure are supportive key elements. The investment approach is consistent and applied with utmost discipline.
Image: Gravis Capital

Gravis Capital

GCM is an alternative asset management company that manages funds investing primarily in the U.K. infrastructure, renewable energy, and real estate sectors, with a significant ESG focus. GCM currently acts as investment manager or advisor for six funds, including a closed-end listed fund, with a total asset size of approximately 2.9 billion pounds (approximately 400 billion yen), and the funds’ investors are primarily institutional investors.

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